Welcome to the World, New Player

I’m pretty late to the whole online gaming thing. But I was also late to the transition from dial-up internet to DSL, and eventually to Wi-Fi. But I have been playing games for a very long time.

For the last several years, Bioware’s Dragon Age series has been my absolute favorite. It still is. For the most part, that’s all I’ve been playing lately. I’ve got plenty of other games started—some of them I’ve even beaten at least once or twice. But I’ve been going back and playing through the Dragon Age series over and over because I love the story, the characters, and that I can make it a little bit different each time I play through.

It should be obvious now that fantasy RPGs are my favorites. Bonus points if the game has character customization. Which makes it less than surprising to know that after I set up my Playstation 4 and turned it on for the first time, the first game I installed was Monster Hunter World. I’ve only clocked in a couple hours at this point (there’s plenty of tutorials left to go through), but it’s been an interesting experience. And not in the way you’d think.

I work a regular 9-5 desk job during the week, and lately I’ve been feeling stuck in my career. It’s a bit terrifying to feel stuck only a couple years out of college, but here I am. Working in my field, doing the sort of thing I like, and not able to go anywhere in it. Kind of like my obsession with playing Dragon Age over and over. At least with Dragon Age, I have the last trophies to collect and some new story angles in Inquisition to explore. But there’s still not a lot of growth happening.

Cue the PS4 startup tone!

New system, new games, new experiences. With online features, I am now entering a new (for me, anyway; I know the rest of the world has been doing this for ages) era of gaming. And that’s how Switzy Gaming was born.

Whatever I play, I’ll talk about it here. You’re welcome to join me on my adventures.

Player Switzy has joined the game.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the World, New Player

  1. I really like Dragon Age too. And other games where one can customise play with a more than trivial cosmetic impact.

    I’m fond of games with a user-selectable difficulty level too. I’ve had some fun times pulling off really tricky things, but I play for entertainment not advanced reflex training so like to be able to have a fun couple of hours using KB/M rather than needing to care about exactly which key binds are optimal for my precise build (or care about putting utility ahead of entertainment when I build).

    The other thing I really like in a game is “save at any point”. I can understand limiting saves for either the emotive impact of racing between safe points or the challenge impact of preventing constant save>try>reload>try… until the best outcome occurs; but most of the time I play between (roughly) time-fixed things, so I don’t want to have to guess every time I do get to save whether I’ll make it to another save point in the next, say, half-an-hour.


    1. I agree completely. Saving at any point is a great convenience. I mostly play between time-fixed things, but there are also plenty of times where I’ll start playing and suddenly something more pressing comes up. It’s been frustrating in games where I either have to leave it on pause for an extended period of time, or simply turn it off and later redo whatever progress I have made.


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